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MHnS 42/R For Sale


$1,650 / m2


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  • Property ID : 15510
  • Price : $183,150
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Property Size : 111 m2
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Floor : 4
  • Balconies : 2
  • Parking lots : 2
  • Delivery : Ready


Executive Specifications:



Double outer walls of pumice stone 10 cm with vacuum between.

Suspended ceiling in the bathrooms of the painted gypsum.




View and balconies of ceramic Pleine masse 60 x 60

Bedrooms with balconies of ceramic.

The kitchen has a ceramic balcony.

Porcelain and ceramic bathrooms.



Hot Water Distribution: Each apartment has a special hot water bottle accessible for maintenance.

Cold Water Distribution: A combined water tank with a pressure pump feeds all apartments with a minimum of three bars, allowing rain shower

Each apartment has air conditioners (without air conditioners and fittings).

Heating extensions: The extensions are visible inside the wicker ceiling areas and under the tiles in the remaining areas.

Type of extensions: The visible cables in the skylights and the entrance of the wrought iron ceiling, inside the walls or under the tiles are Polypropylene, API brand

Heating: Each apartment is equipped with an independent chassis that feeds radios and hot water bottle, Biasi or equivalent, plus a 500 liter diesel tank.

Each building has a special water tank connected to the joint venture water tank.


Sanitary Installations:

All extensions over the houses are visible inside the ceiling of the wicker to facilitate maintenance later, and only the vertical connection with the piece of whiteness is inside the walls.

Grohe brand water mixers or the equivalent of a European brand.

Electric switches from the Vimar brand or the equivalent of a European brand.

White pieces: Polish brand Kolo or the equivalent of a European brand.

Electrical wiring: All connections are protected by the Neutre and a substrate, to protect the user.

Degenitors are of the ABB brand or the equivalent of a European brand, which is of type DPN.

Emergency lighting: All common premises in the building and garage are equipped with emergency lighting, which is fed by batteries to provide lighting for the arrival of electricity from the generators.

Low voltage extensions: Each apartment is equipped with pipes and wires that allow the consumer in each apartment, to connect to the telephone network, Internet and the Internet.

External Wood Work:

Wood Work in the reception and kitchen of Aluminum Siddam without Monoblock.

The Wood Work in the bedrooms is Sidem without Monoblock.

The Internal Wood Work:

The main entrance door of the oak veneer with a canadian box.

Interior doors of wood are opposite or MDF greased the kitchen: Kitchen cabinets and MDF kitchen cabinets.

The sink and kitchen workspace are Granite thickness of 2 cm.



The reception rooms and kitchen are decorated 2 faces and are decorated with rubber.

The bedrooms are decorated with 1 face and are decorated with rubber.



Common Sections:

Protects the roofs of buildings, supporting walls, and flower basins with anti-bark materials.

Elevators from foreign manufacturing and local assembly.

For each Videophone building is special.

A shared tank equipped with electric pumps to feed the apartments.

Entries for buildings and stairs from marble.

Outer cladding according to attached maps.

The entrance of the marble building according to the design subject.

Attitudes of the tiles to the positions or the printed concrete.



  • Country : Lebanon
  • City : Zekrit
  • Address : Zekrit - Matn, Mount-Lebanon

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