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MHnS 44/R For Sale


$1,900 / m2


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  • Property ID : 15508
  • Price : $473,100
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Property Size : 249 m2
  • Bathrooms : 2
  • Floor : 4
  • Balconies : 4
  • Parking lots : 2
  • Delivery : Ready



Detailed list of technical specifications of residential apartments:


Construction consists of:

Second basement:

shared and contains: Entrance to the building.

concierge Room.

Parking (2 cars per apartment).

Room for each apartment approximately 7 square meters.

Remote controlled door.

Heater room and a Fuel room.

A storage tank equipped with electric pumps to feed the apartments.


First basement:

It contains two apartments of 240 square meters each, each with its own garden of 149 square meters.


Ground floor:

It has two apartments of 240 square meters each.

First floor:
It contains two apartments of 240 square meters each, each with its own 48 square meter garden.

Second Floor:
It contains two apartments with an area of ​​240 square meters, each of which has a 112 square meter brick barracks with a terrace of 64 square meters.
House drawer: common with a separate entrance containing water tanks for floors and solar panels.

External Facades:
All exterior facades are of double walls, all clad in natural stone, topped by a brick barracks.

Low voltage extensions: 
Each apartment is equipped with pipes and wires that allow the consumer in each apartment, to connect to the telephone network, and the Internet.
Stainless steel Sinks.



Hot Water Distribution:

Each apartment has a special hot water bottle accessible for maintenance.

Cold Water Distribution:

A combined water tank with a pressure pump feeds all the apartments with pressure of at least three bars, allowing rain shower

Each apartment has air conditioners (without air conditioners and fittings).

Heating extensions:

The extensions are visible inside the wicker ceiling areas and under the tiles in the remaining areas.

Type of extensions:

The visible cables in the skylights and the entrance of the wrought iron ceiling, inside the walls or under the tiles are Polypropylene, API brand



Each apartment is equipped with an independent chassis that feeds radios and hot water bottle, Biasi or equivalent, plus a 500 liter diesel tank

Grohe brand water mixers or the equivalent of a European brand.
Electric switches from the Vimar brand or the equivalent of a European brand.
White pieces: Polish brand Kolo or the equivalent of a European brand.
Solar power supplies and supplies.
Electrical wiring: All connections are protected by the Neutre and a substrate, to protect the user. Degenitors are of the ABB brand or the equivalent of a European brand, which is of type DPN.
Emergency lighting: All common premises in the building and garage are equipped with emergency lighting, which is fed by batteries to provide lighting for the arrival of electricity from generators.
Rooms in the second basement of ceramics.
Of wood MDF clad P.V.C. (poste forme) for kitchens with Top Resine or granite and stainless steel.

Reception and entrance: Italian marble measuring 60 x 90 thickness of 2 cm (Potino or equivalent).
Bedrooms made of Ceramic Pleine masse 60 x 60.
Bathrooms & Kitchens Ceramics & Porcelain First Door.
Common Sections:

The entrance of the marble building according to the design subject.
Attitudes of tiles to your positions.
Rooms in the second basement of ceramics.

The Internal Wood Wok:
The entrance door and the doors facing the reception are made of oak, oak or the equivalent thereof.
Doors are made of wood or MDF wood and Sweden wood.
Profile Sidem 2000 Bronze with Double Glass Thickness 6 mm.
The dormitory in the bedrooms of the Amsterdam Semen with Monoblock on electricity.
External flavonoids of colored aluminum thickness.

French Legrand brand keys or equivalent.
Degrandators are the French Legrand brand or equivalent.
All extensions are in accordance with established standards.
Each apartment is connected to the electricity room with a TV line and a separate telephone line.



The elevator is European made with high specification with 5-door automatic door (V.V.F.) and is equipped with U.P.S. Emergency.


3 facets of the dough and two sides of the spray of rubber for the whole apartment except for the bathrooms and the kitchens are from the Boya. Active ingredients: All exposed surfaces and ponds shall be treated with anti-bark materials as applicable.

Video Int .:

All apartments are equipped with Video Int. Connected to the building sliver and controlled by the entrance door lock, also connected to the fountain room.




  • Country : Lebanon
  • City : Kornet Chehwan
  • Address : Rabweh Stone –throw away from Antelias – Bikfaya Highway

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